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From the user panel, each logged in user can write a personal blog or manage other news and wiki items. A blog will show underneath your profile after saving. If so configured the blog can also show on the homepage in a blog list. Team admins and portal admins can add blogs to newsletters or digests *.
(* Digests are automatically generated and periodically sent newsletters with updates. Digests can be sent to team members or to all portal users.)

Write a blog - Properties tab

Just like regular news reports, blogs have a fixed layout. Under the tab Properties you can give your blog a title, publication date and thumbnail. If you do not specify a thumbnail picture a generic picture (a grey camera) will show. If you want to automatically show your own profile photo with your news / blog post you can add your profile photo in your personal file folder and name it default.png. Check "Published" and your blog will immediately be visible to other users after saving. If you set the publication date to a date in the future, your blog will show as of that date.

Write a blog - Summary tab

You can write a short summary under the Summary tab. This text is always plain text, so no formatting or links can be added,  preferably this text is no longer than 1 paragraph or 3 lines. Tip: Provide a catchy title and summary. This helps get readers interested faster.

Write a Blog - Main text tab

Under the tab "Body," you can add rich text. In addition to text, you can add images, youtube videos and links to files and external sources. Tip: With appealing and relevant images you draw readers to your blog.

Other Articles and Wiki items

Under the tab "Other articles," you will find the news reports of the logged-in user that have been published via teams. The final editing is with the admin team and therefore the user cannot delete these articles here. Under the tab "Wiki items" are the wiki articles that are linked to the logged-in user and can be changed by a user, but not deleted.

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