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In the Widget management section, the portal admin can customize the widgets that are used on the website or portal. The widgets are the separate elements that make up what the user sees. An example is the Login widget. The widgets can be placed in one place by means of drag-and-drop. On the left is a list of available widgets. By dragging a widget from this list to the desired location in the grid, it is immediately placed in the desired position.

Move widgets

The image below shows the management screen with available and used widgets and the relative position of the widgets relative to each other. At any time, the portal admin can move this widget to another position or delete it using drag-and-drop.

Custom Widgets

It is possible to create specific widgets for a portal. After creating a widget, the portal administrator sees them appear in the left menu.
In the Widget management section it is also possible to use shared content components.

General info

In the Info tab it is possible to do the general configuration of the widget. This makes it possible to change the name of the widget, create a whitelist and a blacklist and adjust the widget status.

  • Whitelist: In this field you can place the pages on which you want to display the widget. On all other pages, the widget will not be visible.
  • Blacklist: In this field you can place the pages where you do not want to display the widget. On all other pages, the widget will be visible.
    It is only possible to use one of these lists at the same time.


The arguments tab is only available for certain widgets. In the arguments tab, it is possible to adjust additional options that are specific to the relevant widget.

HTML Content

In the HTML Content tab it is possible to use HTML code to fill the widget. This makes it possible for the portal administrator to customize the widget according to their needs and wishes

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