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With Team management the portal administrator can create teams for various target groups and / or departments.

In a team that is only intended for internal users, the confidential information will only be accessible to internal employees. In a team such as 'Website Management', some authorized employees will be able to manage web pages that are then publicly accessible. For an open team such as 'Support', all portal users become members and can also make a substantive contribution themselves. It is clear that this flexibility in team management is decisive for the form and content of a portal.

For example, a team has been given the alias 'info'. This alias ensures that the team not only gets a recognizable, but also a Google friendly url, for example
The team has the status visible, this ensures that the team can be seen by other users. The Public file handler is also enabled. This means that all files uploaded within this team are publicly accessible regardless of whether someone is logged in or not. These settings can be changed at a later time by the portal administrator.

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