Social Intranet

A Social Intranet makes it easy to share ideas and knowledge. Finding and contacting your co-workers and organizing (online) meetings will save time.
Working together is like playing together, using these intuitive tools. In mid sized organizations the added value of a well balanced social intranet is undisputed.


Use PortalCMS as the ultimate platform to efficiently work, collaborate and innovate using a well balanced set of online tools.


The PortalCMS eco system is growing since 2009 with a great diversity in web apps that are widely used in branches like healthcare, education and business services.







Advantages of PortalCMS Social intranets

  • doneCommunicate more efficiently with colleagues within your organization and teams.
  • doneManage your calendars and events effectively saving you valuable time.
  • done Customize your intranet to fit your organizational needs and policies.
  • doneAlways be up to date on the latest developmements anywhere on any device.
  • doneSecurely manage access to your intranet and all your data with native user management or Active directory.  

Below you will find some examples of web apps that might inspire you for a personal chat with one of our team members.

  • forum

    Communicate efficiently with colleagues within your organization and teams, for example via news letters, digests, text messages, chat and contact lists.

  • date_range

    Manage calendars, send invitations, reserve and show locations, send attached files instantly. The PortalCMS agenda management module makes it easy to accomplish.

  • people_outline

    Customize your intranet. Create teams by business unit, department, project or area of interest. Add extra security, manage membership, functionality and profiles.

  • apps
    Mobile apps

    Read the latest intranet news, blogs and wiki articles add comments or rating. Search the contact list to find colleagues with specific skills or expertise.

  • lock

    Manage access to intranet and data using the built-in user management or use authentication based on Active directory. If you wish, host on your own server behind the firewall.

  • ondemand_video
    Webcasting, video, chat and fileshare

    For ad hoc or scheduled online meetings, meetings or brainstorm sessions.

  • launch
    Leave administration

    Employees plan and organize their leaves and vacations with automatically calculated hours balance per employee.

  • insert_drive_file
    Document management

    Cloud based document management, including creating and sharing office documents.

  • playlist_add_check
    Workflow management

    Workflow management web app, automate your internal and external business processes.


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