Teamwork Apps


With hybrid app technology you combine widely used smartphone functionalities like calls, sms, camera and gps with bespoke web app functionality all in an easily maintained Android and iPhone app.



Your own Teamwork app for iPhone and Android


Instantly deployable and free if combined with intranet or website. For example use the app as an employee engagement app, help your workforce get involved with company goals. Test this smartphone app: receive the installation instructions and activation code via e-mail and experience the ease of use of the PortalCMS mobile app for Android en iOS.


Authorization & security



The Teamwork app complies with the highest Enterprise Mobility Management standards. The user can install the app from the app stores and will get access after entering the organization activation code and user specific credentials. Via the PortalCMS admin panel the application manager can configure the popular features like news, blogs, contacts, wiki, projects, tasks, timesheet and search. All data transferred to and from the mobile device is highly secured and there is no confidential data saved on the device itself. During every data request the authorization of user and device is verified. In case of theft or loss, the access can instantly be revoked per user per device.   




Search and find your colleagues and contact them via the built-in contact application. The contact info is always kept up to date by the users, including pass photo and related blogs.


All information within reach



The Teamwork app will enable direct mobile access to all relevant sources of information like quality procedures, protocols, handbooks, projects, tasks and timesheet. From the latest news to the darkest archives, all info can be searched, found and accessed in the app.  Add your suggestions and knowledge contributions by commenting the content.


Want to know more and see for yourself?


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