Low-code Platform for Useful and Solid Web Tools

PortalCMS is a low-code modulary application platform, developed on industry standards with state-of-the-art technology of Adobe, Microsoft and Java. As every project has its own specific characteristics, the PortalCMS platform serves as a sound fundament to build your customized applications on.

Being independent from server, client, and database platform PortalCMS modules can be integrated with your legacy systems running in your organization. It's fully scalable and can be deployed for 10 to 10.000+ users.





Why do General and Marketing managers love PortalCMS?

Time- and place independent agenda-, information- and relationship management via internet. Easy, professional and cheap!
  • doneshort implementation time (weeks, not months)
  • donecustomized and in the desired company style
  • doneclear fixed pricing structure
  • doneexisting software and databases can be integrated
  • donewithout obsolete functionalities
  • donesaves on expensive software licences
  • donewith revolutionary low TCO (total cost of ownership).


Why do ICT managers like PortalCMS?

PortalCMS embraces almost all technologies and is friends with Oracle, Microsoft and the Linux/open source community. Low failure risk, minimal dependence!
  • donecross-browser (Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox)
  • donecross-database (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL)
  • donecross-Operating System (windows, linux)
  • donecross-device (pc, mac, tablet, smartphone)
  • donescalable on the highest security levels
  • donedirectly available in SaaS environment, in public and private clouds and on-premise.


Why do endusers appreciate PortalCMS?

Pleasant and professional digital workplace. Easy to use, always and everywhere!
  • doneintegrates the most important information and communication tools in a dashboard.
  • doneit's easy to learn.
  • donefor usage in the office, on the road and at home.
  • doneno unnecessary and confusing buttons and features.

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