Customer portal with app launch ready within a week


A fully equipped customer portal with a smartphone app can be online within a week and at surprisingly low costs. PortalCMS customer portals are flexibly customized with the help of modules, widgets and style sheets, so that customers can log in optimally and independently and navigate to the desired information. Customers can access their own personal dashboard within the customer portal anytime and anywhere via the portal and the app. Employees can easily assign relevant information to specific customers. An internal forum provides an ideal environment where questions, answers and best practice come together.





Flexibly customizable dashboards


Build the dashboard tailored to the needs of your customer with smart widgets. Even after launch, the customer portal can be further improved with the help of progressive insight, which also optimizes the customer experience.



Forum for transparent communication and internal knowledge management 



A forum is extremely suitable for making communication transparent. Customers appreciate it when they can independently find answers to questions. Feedback and questions are essential for good service provision and indispensable in improvement processes. An internal forum supports employees in developing solutions and making them accessible. Best practice examples can then be saved back to the knowledge base. With powerful tools such as the forum module, sharing and developing knowledge becomes more efficient, transparent and personal.


Efficient management of knowledge base content


MWith PortalCMS customer portals, knowledge bases are managed locally and linked to individual customer dashboards. Editorial management costs are permanently low with guaranteed quality. Various useful support features such as assigning authors to individual pages, workflows and version control make management effective and efficient.



Reach customers directly through the app





Via the PortalCMS Mobile App you can reach customers directly on their mobile app. Based on profiles the desired features are assigned to the customer app. The app has the following directly deployable modules: push updates, news messages, contacts, chat, questionnaire and knowledge base. Some modules can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a knowledge quiz can serve as a questionnaire, but you can also use such a quiz as a self-help decision tree, allowing customers to independently navigate through question and answer to the solution to their problem.


Want to know more and see for yourself?

Why wait months or even years to build your own customer portal? For less than € 5000, you have a professional, fully-fledged and flexibly adaptable grow-as-you-go customer portal within a week.

Contact us and get free advice and suggestions specific to your organization and circumstances.




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