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PortalCMS is innovative portal software with a clear focus on useful cloud and web apps and integration of leading 3d party software like Microsoft Dynamics and Exact Online. The last decennia the people behind PortalCMS have been involved with various online services and concepts.

Late '80s:  Online banking with Postbank Girotel and Bausch modem


Early '90s: Online services for Dutch Tax authorities with Bausch Datacom hardware and software

Mid '90s: Data communications technology used by various Dutch banks, publishers and internet service providers

Early 2000: Online marketplace for e-learning authors commissioned by Kennisnet

Around 2001: intranet and CMS solutions for municipalities, education and healthcare providers


Early 2009: PortalCMS software solutions with integration of leading business software.


Late 2012: Office PortalCMS: Fully cloud based ICT and award winning alternative for Exchange, Sharepoint and MS Office.

Mid 2013: New PortalCMS version with RWD, formgenerator, Widget management and custom mobile (web) apps

2017: Teamwork portal with mobile app, API module for Webcasting tools and online document editing and management 

2021: Launch new Hybrid smartphone apps for Teamwork App and Portal

2023: 40+ digital workplace tools and 15+ readily available modules in new release of the Teamwork App


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