Digital workplace

A digital workplace is a combination of software plus online services tuned to each employee’s needs, so improving performance becomes easy. This combination often starts with a social intranet, e-mail and chat, complemented by tools specific to the employee's roles, for example CRM for sales. In an optimal digital workplace all tools are integrated in the right context for each individual employee and available at any time on any device.


PortalCMS naturally offers this foundation mentioned above, it shines though thanks to its extensive collection of tools which allows digital workplaces to be customized. Our 15 years’ experience with knowledge intensive companies allowed us to develop a unique method that uses tasks, time and knowledge to cause a flywheel effect that gives productivity a real boost. For specific needs, such as making Backoffice applications accessible from mobiles we use PortalCMS low-code platform to efficiently build hybrid mobile apps.


Digital workplace tools do not have to be heavy, inflexible or costly. We gladly show you how.

Task management

No digital workplace is complete without solid task management tools. PortalCMS offers a task management module that fits almost every business process. When employees log in, they immediately receive a personalized overview with their current tasks. Progress, feedback, knowledge … all are quickly and easily searched and accessed.

Time management

Of course, time spent needs to be accounted for. So, PortalCMS offers a time log module which employees can use to quickly manage their hours for the current week. Creating management reports now becomes Childs play.

Knowledge management

With a wiki or “quick digital handbook” you can record newly acquired knowledge easily. This new information is both valuable in the future, yourself, but certainly also to your colleagues. With the PortalCMS interactive wiki module sharing knowledge becomes easy… always, everywhere and on any device.

PortalCMS wikis can be configured to suit a variety of needs. Use the module for things like interactive quality manuals with version control and notifications built in built in. When changes are made you get notified immediately. Or equally, you can use the wiki for task- and time management and much more.


Of course, you already know your employees are your prime source of knowledge. A reoccurring problem though is knowing exactly where exactly knowledge is present. Blogs can be an easy solution to that problem. Users can freely promote their expertise and share valuable knowledge and experience.


Usually organizations are divide in teams. For knowledge development though it can be very useful to bridge these organizational divides. Instead you can create teams based around subjects instead. This way employees get the opportunity to improve their knowledge in ways that otherwise would not exist. Some useful modules for knowledge development are news, newsletters, digests, websites, wikis and files. All proven in practice.

Mobile app

Your employees should have unfettered access to knowledge and tools to add new experiences. Always and everywhere, on any device. With PortalCMS mobile app your employees can search through and have access to information stored in wikis, news, blogs and files. Adding comments and suggestions is easy and quick.


Advantages of PortalCMS knowledge management   

  • doneExchange knowledge quick and effectively in interactive wikis, regardless of time, place or device
  • doneEmployees use Blogs to share knowledge not constrained by organizationals barriers
  • doneExpand knowledge in dedicated teams with tools like news, newsletters, digests, wikis and files
  • doneMobile hybrid app makes exchangeing knowledge and ideas easy, from any location on any device

Below you will find some examples of web apps that might inspire you for a personal chat with one of our team members.

  • forum

    Communicate efficiently with colleagues within your organization and teams, for example via news letters, digests, text messages, chat and contact lists.

  • date_range

    Manage calendars, send invitations, reserve and show locations, send attached files instantly. The PortalCMS agenda management module makes it easy to accomplish.

  • people_outline

    Customize your intranet. Create teams by business unit, department, project or area of interest. Add extra security, manage membership, functionality and profiles.

  • apps
    Mobile apps

    Read the latest intranet news, blogs and wiki articles add comments or rating. Search the contact list to find colleagues with specific skills or expertise.

  • lock

    Manage access to intranet and data using the built-in user management or use authentication based on Active directory. If you wish, host on your own server behind the firewall.

  • ondemand_video
    Webcasting, video, chat and fileshare

    For ad hoc or scheduled online meetings, meetings or brainstorm sessions.

  • launch
    Leave administration

    Employees plan and organize their leaves and vacations with automatically calculated hours balance per employee.

  • insert_drive_file
    Document management

    Cloud based document management, including creating and sharing office documents.

  • playlist_add_check
    Workflow management

    Workflow management web app, automate your internal and external business processes.


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