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In manage portal, the portal admin can define general configuration settings such as:

  • meta tags;
  • introduction text, can be shown on the home page;
  • analytics scripts such as Google Analytics;
  • API Keys for linking 3rd party services such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer and LinkedIn etc.;
  • IP filter to limit access to specific IP addressses
  • Settings for diagnostics and logging.



In the Analytics tab you can enter the Google analytics code,  it will then be added automatically on all pages. 


In the Introduction tab you post text that can show on the homepage. You can edit the text and give it your own style using the wysiwyg-editor.


In the Information tab you can add the contact details of your company.

API Keys

In the API Keys tab, you can add the API keys for 3rd party services like social media needed for your Social Dashboard or for other 3rd party services.

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