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A Wiki is a fast digital manual made by and for the users. Wiki is Hawaiian for fast. Wikipedia is composed of wiki and (encyclo) pedia, or fast encyclopaedia.
The team administrator can set up Wiki's to gather and share knowledge within the organization. An example is this manual to support the users of this portal software. Wiki management is similar to Website management, with the difference that a Wiki page has a reaction option and the content can also be used via the mobile app.

On the page Wiki overview the team administrator has an overview of the pages and sub pages of the wiki. Pages can be created, and existing pages can be changed or deleted. In addition, sub pages can also be added to other (sub) pages of the wiki. Before the page can be published, the team administrator has to approve the pages.

When a team administrator creates a page or changes a page, the team administrator can place the content on the page under the tab Content. Under the tab Configuration the name can be formulated, the page can be approved and associated files can be linked.

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