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With this Statistics feature portal managers can generate reports revealing the popularity of news items, the activity of users and teams in particular period of time. 

Below you can see the 4 reports that can be generated. In all cases the portal admin can select the date interval (when left empty all available data will be used) and the users and teams.

News report

This report shows the number of times a new item has been viewed. Note! There can be more “views” than “reads” because "reads" are unique and “views” are not. One user may view a news item more than once.

News-per-user report

This report provides an indication of the involvement per user per news item. You can sort by “NewsTitle” or “Name” to view the total “reads per news item” or “reads per user”  respectively. If “Name” shows no values then the read confirmation belongs to a users that has been removed (we generally advise not to remove users but instead deactivate them). 

News-per-team report

The score “TotalReads” shows the total number of read confirmations for a specific news item within a specific team. Because a user can be a member of multiple teams that 1 user is counted in multiple “TotalReads” in teams. Generally you should regard this report as an indication of involvement of a team in your social intranet.

User-activity report

By sorting using “Logins” you will see which users log in often or not. Note! this metric does not provide a definitive measure for involvement. A user who only uses the app is shown as a user who never logs in.  

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