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date_range27-03-2018 10:39

The PortalCMS wiki management now has a version control system inside. During wiki setup you can switch on "Version Management"  and from that moment onwards every new saved and released version will be visible by means of a version name and date-time-stamp. This will also allow you to revert to previous versions without losing content or knowledge. Organizations with ISO quality requirements will appreciate this new functionality. 

The wiki item author, the default content owner, can assign other users to assist in content management. Owner and assigned users will be able to click the edit button. However, the user who initiates an editing session will temporarily lock the item for the other users until the moment that the new version is saved and released again. This will prevent that 2 or more users will disturb each other during the editing of 1 item.  

The screens below will demonstrate these steps resulting in the newest version being released and published.








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