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date_range27-03-2018 11:57

We all know the colored paper sticky note. Always around, easy for writing down your thoughts and then stick them on a place in sight where it will help remind you. 

With this same objective in mind we added the virtual sticky notes feature in PortalCMS. The widget in the home screen shows the notes list just like you know it from your smartphone. The first note is shown in full so you can even use it as personal homepage menu. Click on the note for more details or click the + icon to add a new note. You can copy and paste images in the text area and saving is done by clicking outside the text area or on the subtle save icon. Use drag and drop to change the order of notes in the list. We saved the best for last: you can move a sticky note as "Wiki tip". The team admin of the main users team will then take care of it by verifying the contents and publishing it in a wiki where it belongs best. A great improvement for knowledge creation and sharing in organizations!


Below you see how easy it is to navigate from the home screen to the sticky notes edit screen where the image can be pasted from the clipboard memory. 
If desired you can move the note to Wiki Tips.

After clicking the "Move contents to wiki" icon you can click save to confirm. The sticky note will disappear from your notes list and show up in the Wiki-tips list. 

The team admin of the team that hosts the Wiki-tips wiki will verify and move the contents to the end destination, the wiki where the contents belongs.

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