Give PortalCMS users access to your Sharepoint Online or Onedrive folders

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date_range01-06-2021 11:30

This new feature only needs an extra Onedrive account with access rights to the Sharepoint Online folder(s) that you want to share with PortalCMS users. The big advantage behind this is that the PortalCMS users do not need a personal Microsoft 365 account because PortalCMS acts as an intermediary which allows for major cost savings.

Let's take an example of an organization with 100 employees of which only 10 users have a Microsoft 365 subscription (at $50 per year). Each Microsoft 365 account includes 1TB (1000 GB) of storage in OneCloud. In Sharepoint Online each 1 TB storage is pooled which results in 10 TB of storage that can be shared with the 90 other employees through their respective PortalCMS accounts. This has proven to be a very cost-effective working method for temp workers and non-desk workers.

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