News digest via e-mail and in mobile app home screen

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date_range12-11-2019 12:59

Since its creation the news digest has been a very popular and effective PortalCMS feature. The daily, weekly or monthly scheduled e-mail newsletters attract users to the portal and stimulate the interaction automatically.

With 1 click the reader can proceed to the related full story in the social intranet or portal and the high clickthrough rate for the e-mail recipients proves its popularity.

Now app users can have the same user experience. After the digest is sent, the mobile app home screen will automatically show the header of the digest and 1 simple click will bring the user to the related content items.

The users won't have to switch from mailbox to app and can stay within the app while reading all the hot news.

Below you will find the home screen and first digest screen in the Teamwork app and the digest e-mail as we know it.

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